Ecotricity – one of the UK’s leading, and fastest growing independent energy companies – has thrown its backing behind Labour
– to the tune of £250,000.

External wall insulation being added to houses in Tinshill and Ireland Wood
External wall insulation being added to houses in Tinshill and Ireland Wood

Ecotricity is a ‘not for dividend’ company – and claims to have invested more per customer over the last 11 years than any other energy firm in Britain.

In January it topped the Which customer satisfaction survey for the second year running.

It is a leading light in the new Green economy.

And that’s at the heart of the reasons why it is backing Labour.

As its founder, Dale Vince, said

‘“We’re putting our money where our heart is – we’ve watched the coalition government systematically undermine not just the renewable energy industry in Britain but the whole green economy and by de facto – efforts to combat climate change. We feel compelled to act and to speak out.”

“In 2012, Britain’s green economy generated £128 billion, that was 8% of all GDP and a third of all growth in GDP that year – while the country was struggling to get out of recession.

“Almost one million people were employed in this fast growing sector, that’s about the same number that work in the finance sector now.

“That was 2012, the green economy could be an even more important part of our overall economy by now – but 2012 is the last year for which we have any data because the Conservatives scrapped the annual report. In effect censoring information about this vital part of the economy. That looks like a move driven by ideology rather than what is right for our country, and strange for a party that claims to be the party of business.

“One of the biggest deceits of this government was the claim that green energy support was at the root of high and rising energy bills – the claim behind David Cameron’s infamous let’s cut the green crap quote. The truth is that despite the recent price cuts, energy bills almost doubled in the past ten years mainly as a result of the rise in the global price of fossil fuels – not support for green energy.”

He also backs Labour because of its stance on Europe

‘It would be a disaster for Britain to leave Europe. We face not just that possibility but the consequential break up of the UK. It’s a nightmare scenario.

“This election presents a clear choice between two very different kinds of government with two different visions of Britain. The vision we support is of a green Britain with a strong green economy at the heart of Europe.”

Those sentiments were echoed by another leading entrepreneur Rajesh Agrawal, boss of currency exchange RationalFX – who called the recent attacks on Ed Miliband ‘extraordinary’. He praised Ed Miliband’s ‘bravery’ and also singled out the Tories’ stance on Europe as truly a threat to British business.

Labour’s green credentials include its commitment to a clear 2030 decarbonisation target, which will provide the certainty needed to encourage investment in renewables and clean energy. A Green Investment bank will underpin investment in clean energy. A major drive on home insulation will deliver long-term, permanent savings on energy bills and warmer homes for millions of people.

Here in Leeds NW Labour has already shown its commitment – e.g. by undertaking external wall insulation in Ireland Wood and Tinshill which significantly reduces emissions by reducing energy consumption. The work was begun using the green levies, axed by the Coalition. But Leeds Labour Council, with EU funding help, was determined to continue – though of necessity with a more limited scheme.

Alex Sobel welcomed Ecotricity’s decision.

‘ From a personal point of view, I’m really pleased we are with Ecotricity, and hope all Labour members and supporters consider switching. Ecotricity’s decision is a huge vote of confidence in Labour’s green credentials – and in Labour’s readiness to speak out on green issues. Only Labour has shown itself ready to take on the Big Six. Labour offers the best chance of a green government in 2015.’

If you want to help Alex Sobel get elected here in Leeds NW, and to contribute to securing a green Government in May – sign up here

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