If you live in Holt Park, Ireland Wood, Cookridge – in fact North of the Ring Road – you’ve probably come across Kidz in Kampz.

Alison Garthwaite and Alex Sobel with Madge Davey at Kidz in Kampz
Alison Garthwaite and Alex Sobel with Madge Davey at Kidz in Kampz

It’s a local charity founded by Madge Davey. Madge started it after a trip to Thailand – where she saw at first hand the conditions of children in overcrowded refugee camps. She just knew she had to do something to help them.
She began with a jumble sale – and things snowballed from there – first to a charity shop at Holt Park. Now to one on the Raynels.

But the shops don’t just generate funds to help children in Thailand. They are real community hubs, providing an invaluable service locally.

They sell high quality low cost clothes, toys, books and household goods; and half the proceeds go to the local community. Customers receive information and a very warm welcome from Madge and her friendly team of volunteers. Newcomers arriving in the area with few possessions, and others in need, are helped with soft furnishings, bedding and much more, completely free of charge.
Their future plans include expansion, meeting space and refreshments.

But their first expansion- to a second shop on Raynel Approach – hit a problem. The rent on the Raynel Approach shop was too high.
So Kidz in Kampz came to the local Labour team – and Alex Sobel, Labour’s candidate in Leeds NW, and Al Garthwaite solved the problem for them.

 arranged a
 meeting with 
Leeds City Council. He argued that
 as a charity that 
did so much for 
the community they deserved a peppercorn rent.
And that’s what they got. Labour-led Leeds City Council granted them a peppercorn rent at the meeting.

Alison Garthwaite, Labour’s candidate in Weetwood ward, said “When I met Madge in the shop and heard about all their wonderful work for the community providing clothes, furniture, bedding and helping people to work I knew we had to help them. I am delighted we got them the peppercorn rent.’
Alison has a strong record of helping community groups like this – and Alex’s work background is in third sector, voluntary and charity work.

Madge Davey of Kidz in Kampz was delighted. “I contacted Alex about the rent and he came to the shop with Alison and arranged a meeting straight away with the Council.
We are so glad we got the peppercorn rent as we would have had to close without it.”
Madge added “We are here to help people with clothes and furniture and always looking for new volunteers, please pop in.”

And Alex and Alison are here to help the people of Weetwood, Holt Park – and Leeds NW. Just contact them – via our Contact page, or on Alison’s own page.

And if you want to help get them both elected here in Leeds NW – sign up here


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