Labour’s Headingley Councillors – Neil Walshaw, Janette Walker and Jonathan Pryor – recently secured a pilot scheme to deal with what they saw as the particular problems of bin collection in parts of Headingley.
That pilot – changing bin collections on several streets in Headingley – has proved so successful that it will be extended to additional streets from March.

Neil Walshaw, with fellow Headingley Councillors Janette Walker and Jonathan Pryor
Neil Walshaw, with fellow Headingley Councillors Janette Walker and Jonathan Pryor

Thanks to the work of Neil, Janette and Jonathan, collections on a selection of streets were altered last year to improve the situation for local residents.

There were various problems on parts of Ash Road, the Langdales, Estcourts, Canterbury Drive and other nearby streets. Due to the high turnover of the largely student population, key messages such as bin collection days and the correct rubbish for each bin were difficult to circulate. That led to frequent contamination of green bins with non-recyclable waste – which costs the Council money. And residents were not happy with bins being left on the street, spoiling the appearance of the area and causing problems for street cleaning and other maintenance.

So Neil, Janette and Jonathan got to work with the Council’s Waste Management Service to find a solution.

The pilot saw the removal of green wheeled bins from around 600 non-permanent residents who could then opt-in to have green recycling bags collected. Bin crews are collecting bins and bags from the kerbside as usual, but are now placing them back inside front gardens and yards. All residents still have their black wheeled bin collections.

The changes have been welcomed by the local community who’ve seen a real reduction in the previous problems.
Leeds City Council Waste Management, following discussions with local Councillors, have agreed to extend the scheme to the other half of the affected collection routes.

Affected residents should have now received letters advising them of the changes and asking if they want to opt-in to the green bag collection service. They have until 16th February to respond. It is hoped that the scheme will be fully implemented on the additional streets from 16th March onwards.

Neil Walshaw said:

“The initial pilot scheme on Ash Road and surrounding streets has really helped to improve the appearance of the area and residents are happy with the changes. I’m pleased that we will soon be extending the scheme to the rest of the collection routes in the area so even more people will be able to benefit from the changes.”

Any residents wishing to opt in for a green bag collection or to find out further information should email or call 0113 2224406.


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