Yesterday was a significant day
– just 100 days left to the General Election.
– Just 100 days left to makea difference – to the vote which will make a difference to all our lives.

Alex Sobel – our parliamentary candidate – spent it, as he’s spent to many days over the last 18 months – out in Leeds NW, listening to you – and campaigning and working.

In the course of the day he was in all four wards in the Constituency – from Otley and Yeadon to Headingley.

B8WoLgSIQAEviFvHe started the day out in Otley – leafleting – out and about on the Cambridge estate.


Then meeting Ailsa, from OPAL [Older People’s Action in the Locality], to talk about finding finance, starting new groups and getting a Community builder for OPAL’s move to the Bedford Arms.

At Ivey’s café he was collecting signatures against the move of the Holt Park surgery

– before going out on the doorstep in Weetwood, in the Havens, with Al Garthwaite, Lorraine and David.
– taking time to admire on the way the external wall insulation going up in the Ivesons, thanks to EU funding and Leeds Labour Council. B8W76ZLIgAAMSao

His day ended in Headingley – at a meeting of the Cardigan Community Centre – of which he’s a trustee. And where he joined Neil Walshaw, Labour Councillor for Headingley.

That would have been an entirely appropriate ending – because the Cardigan Centre’s aims are his
‘locally based, rooted in communities, creating sustainable futures – works with local residents to provide services which further the aims of learning, education, social welfare, leisure, recreation and otherwise contribute to wellbeing.’

But there was just one thing more – and the day finished with a gig at the Brudenell Social Club organised by Leeds Beckett Music – which also gave Alex a chance to catch up with old friends – Sam Nicholls, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology, whom Alex has known for years, and Nathan Clark who runs the Brudenell, and Alex knew from his days in NUS way back in the 90s.

The Labour party nationally marked the 100 days by announcing its pledge on the NHS – and Alex was 100% behind that.

He’s been making his own pledges, too
– about his stance on Trident
– on his commitment to the Living Wage
– on his attitude to TTIP, the controversial EU/US Trade agreement
– and on how he’ll run his own office if elected – paying the Living Wage and giving proper contracts to all his staff, ‘interns’ included.

PR people are good at borrowing other people’s activities and claiming them as their own. They spin and elaborate.

What yesterday shows is what the past 18 months has already proved – with Alex what you see is what you get.
– a committed campaigner , with years of work promoting the third sector and co-operatives behind him.

Someone who will work for the constituency at the grass roots level – but will bring it the advantages of a Labour government at Westminster.
An MP who will make that crucial Local/Westminster link – starting from the base he’s already built up here in Leeds NW
– and from what he’s heard from 1000s of you on the doorstep.

As Alex says – we’ve 100 days left to make a difference to the vote on May 7 – and that’s a vote which will make a difference to all our lives.

If you want to help Alex win here in Leeds NW – Sign up here
– but most important – go out and vote for him on 7 May.


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