Question – What do Headingley Library, Otley Children’s Centre, Yeadon Town Hall Community Centre and Holt Park Leisure Centre have in common?
Answer – Free Wi-Fi access for all – thanks to Leeds Labour Council.
Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 07.45.50
They’re all part of Leeds Labour Council’s ambitious programme to roll out Free Wi-Fi to over a 100 of our public buildings.
The roll-out began before Christmas – and has been continuing apace.
The goal is to have most of our libraries, leisure centres, museums, one stops, community and children’s centres connected over the coming weeks.
It’s all part of the plan to make Leeds a digital city – but also to ensure that Wi-Fi access, increasingly essential for so many purposes, is available to all, no matter what their income or situation.

You may already be aware of the very popular free Wi-Fi service deployed in Millennium Square and Briggate. The council also now has plans to extend this outdoor service to some of the most deprived areas of the city – with a pilot scheme over the next few months. This will be done in partnership with the Leeds-based digital company ‘aql’– at no cost or risk to the council.

What makes the Leeds scheme almost unique is that it really is both free and unlimited. In many places the first 15/30 minutes are free and then payment is usually required. The Leeds scheme really does provide full access for all.

Alex Sobel has warmly welcomed the scheme.
‘As an IT graduate myself, I’m well aware of the advantages of access to the Internet. It’s increasingly essential for people to have that access if they’re to take a full part in the society they live in. I particularly welcome the breadth of this roll out. There’s no part of the constituency which has been left out. The way the scheme has been set up it will reach as many people as possible – and the unlimited free use really will be a huge boon to poorer members of our local community. It certainly helps Leeds – and NW Leeds – towards being a 21st century city.’’

The full list of buildings in our area included is – Headingley Library, Holt Park Library, Otley Library, Yeadon Library, Otley Children’s Centre, Yeadon Town Hall Community Centre, Holt Park Leisure Centre, Otley One-Stop Centre.

Labour government works for its communities locally. And it would do nationally.

If you want to help get Alex Sobel as Labour MP here in Leeds NW – sign up here.


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