When you decide how to vote, would it matter to you to know that Greg Mulholland, LibDem MP for Leeds NW, was born in Manchester, went to school in Altrincham, and only moved to Leeds after University?

We hope not.

We’re sure you’d mostly be concerned about what the re-election of a LibDem/Tory coalition would mean for you and for the country – and cast your vote on that basis.

Alex - at a local beauty spot
Alex – at a local beauty spot

But someone thinks this sort of information matters about Alex Sobel, the Labour Candidate in Leeds NW.
Someone is paying for telephone polling by a firm known as ‘Local Issues’.
Someone is asking people whether, for example, it would affect their vote to know that Alex had stood as a candidate in Buckinghamshire?

We’d very much like to know who commissioned this polling – and how much it costs.
It’s not made clear in the phone call – so we’ve had to work it out by elimination.
We can reassure you that it’s not the Labour Party.
And we doubt it’s the Tories, Greens or UKIP.
Some of the other questions ask what would make you more likely to vote LibDem – so the evidence points at them.
The whole business is a typical PR or marketing tactic – and frankly it rather smacks of desperation.

But since they’re asking, here, for the record, are a few facts – about the two candidates we know of in Leeds NW.

According to what is available on Wikipedia – Greg Mulholland was born in Manchester, educated in Altrincham and at the University of York. He worked in various places after graduation, including Scotland. He was elected Headingley Councillor in 2003. He lives in Otley.
Alex Sobel isn’t yet on Wikipedia – but we can supply you with the information here.
He was born in Leeds, and lived in Yorkshire until he was 9. He moved to Buckinghamshire at that point, when his parents were forced to move to look for jobs during the Thatcher years. He returned to Yorkshire at the age of 18, to attend the University of Leeds. He’s worked in and around Leeds from graduation onwards. He was elected Councillor for Moortown and Meanwood in 2012. He Lives in Headingley.

For what they’re worth – those are the facts.

A couple of other biographical details might be rather more interesting to you.
Greg Mulholland worked as a marketing man for five years after graduation, including on several promotional campaigns.
Alex Sobel has worked largely in the Voluntary Sector since graduation, helping start up Social Enterprises like Enabled Works, the local replacement for the Remploy factory – which employed disabled people before it was forced to close.

But what you REALLY want to know is what a vote for either of them in May would mean in terms of the government that would rule the UK for the next 5 years.
There you need to know about the LibDem/Tory Coalition – and Greg Mulholland’s membership of it.

The LibDems have been in Coalition with the Tories since 2010. Greg Mulholland has been a member of this Coalition of LibDems and Tories since 2010. Before he entered Parliament he was part of a LibDem group which went into Coalition with the Tories here in Leeds in 2004.
A vote for him is a vote for the LibDems. But it is a vote for a LibDem/Tory Coalition – something he’s long been part of – locally as well as nationally.

We’ll continue over the next months to keep you informed about that LibDem/Tory Coalition and its actions – and about the alternative that Labour, and Alex Sobel, are offering. We’ll give you the real facts you need to make up your mind in May 2015.

And just for the record – this post was written by someone who has lived in Leeds NW for 45 years, who was born in Leeds, and whose parents and grandparents were all born in Leeds.
That kind of biographical detail clearly matters to the LibDems.
We’d hate them to have to spend money on telephone marketing or the like to have to find it out.

And if you want to help Alex Sobel – a local candidate – to win here in Leeds NW, why not sign up here


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