It’s the apparently little things in life that make all the difference – like steep steps that make access difficult if you’re elderly, disabled or are out with young children and a pushchair.
That’s why Headingley and KIrkstall Councillors are so pleased that after much lobbying of Central Government, funding has been allocated to make Headingley Station fully accessible. Step free access for passengers will be constructed – on to both platforms.

Neil Walshaw, centre, with Kirkstall councillors, at Headingley station
Neil Walshaw, centre, with Kirkstall councillors, at Headingley station

It’s called Headingley Station, but it is actually located in Kirkstall Ward – and serves people from both wards.
Improved access has been a long term objective of Councillors and residents in both Headingley and Kirkstall. It’s been in the ‘Kirkstall Vision’ plan since 2010. But it’s only now that central government has allocated the money for it.

Headingley Councillor Neil Walshaw said: ‘This is very welcome news after several years of sustained lobbying by Headingley and Kirkstall Councillors for the Government to take action on the poor levels of access at Headingley. It’s a particular problem on the platform into Leeds, which has steep steps and is difficult for the elderly, disabled or those of us with young children.’

So it’s good news for Headingley – and a tribute to the work of local councilors and residents together.
But it is one of only two stations in Yorkshire which have received funding for access in this recent round of allocations – the other is Scunthorpe.
Good news for Headingley, then – but we still need to campaign to get a better deal for the North in general from central government funds.

As Kirkstall Councillor John Illingworth said: ‘Whilst this is a big step forward for residents in Kirkstall and Headingley, we must remember that there are over 20 stations still needing such improvements across West Yorkshire alone if we are to have a fully accessible rail network.’

And if you want to hear more from us, or to help Alex Sobel win here in Leeds NW in May 2015, why not sign up here


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