This Saturday 13 December there’s the fourth of our series of Community Clean-ups in the Ireland Wood and Tinshill areas of Weetwood Ward.

IMG_0487 We’re meeting at the ginnel at the end of Bedford Gardens at 10.30 a.m. We’ll be cleaning up in the Bedfords.

This is the fourth time we’ve been out in this area this year – and there are some great local people as well as party members who’ve joined us.
 We’re responding to what we’ve heard from local residents on the doorstep.

So we’re having a series of Action Days in the area.

Join us to help on the 13th December or just come and meet Alex Sobel and the Labour Team.

If you have an area you would like cleaning up locally please email or call Alex on 0797 3397212

Or come along on Saturday and take up your litter-picker!

And this evening, Thursday 11 December, we’ve another community gig at the High Farm pub on Farrar Lane.

This is a free gig – featuring Leeds-based 4 piece Indie band – Automatic is Easy
- The Strawberries, who play a set of 60s covers from the Beatles, Byrds and other classics
- and local singer-song writer, Andy Cavadino.

At the High Farm Pub, Farrar Lane, Holt Park.

Doors – 7.30 pm

If you want to help Alex in his campaign to win here in Leeds NW, why not sign up here


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