Ebola, Gaza, South Sudan and Syria, all these have put pressure on budgets, but we cannot let the poorest on the planet pay the price – including here at home, where foodbanks have become part of the life of far too many of our fellow-citizens.
Linda’s Christmas message is one of hope but also urgency.

She writes of her own work for South Yorkshire foodbanks – and for the poor throughout the world.
– about climate change, and on violence against women.

She reports on the Pope’s message to the EU Parliament – especially on Europe’s immigration concerns, asking the EU not to allow the Mediterranean to become a vast graveyard.

There is a message of hope – that AIDS can be defeated in our lifetime.

And of urgency – 2015 will be an important year electorally here in Britain

‘Looking to next year, as we start 2015 and the target date for achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals approaches, work is stepping up in the European Parliament on replacement goals (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) which will apply to all countries in an attempt to improve our shared stewardship of our planet. Much more will follow on this as we head into next year. 2015 will also be a big year for the Labour party and all our members and candidates across the country. I will continue to support campaigning efforts around the region so please do keep me updated with your plans. I hope you get the chance to enjoy the Christmas break before a very busy 2015 gets underway.

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2015’


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