Our Parliamentary candidate here in Leeds NW has made clear his position on TTIP currently under negotiation between the EU and US.IMG_2563

‘On the doorstep, in my Inbox, on the street – people are increasingly asking me about TTIP – and my views on it.
That’s not surprising. In spite of the secrecy surrounding it – indeed in part because of that – people are rightly concerned about the implications of this EU/US Trade Agreement [TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] currently under negotiation. Like everyone else, I’m still partly in the dark – and can’t prejudge what I have not yet seen. But I am clear on what I could NOT accept – and that is any threat to our control over corporations, to workers’ rights, to consumer protections, to our capacity to renationalise our public services. I stand with the Labour Party’s view that it could not be accepted if it includes provision of public services and does not include an NHS exception. It cannot be accepted if Investor State Dispute Settlement is in the final text.’

You can read his full statement here.


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