Jonathan Reynolds, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, was in Leeds NW this week.
He was supporting Alex Sobel campaigning in Headingley.
And taking the opportunity to visit the Real Junk Food project – which salvages food destined for landfill!
And – at Alex’s invitation – he was also meeting representatives of environmental organisations, campaign groups and the University of Leeds – giving them the opportunity to feed their comments into Labour’s thinking on energy efficiency and Climate Change.

Alex organized the roundtable to bring together these campaign organisations and Green Social Enterprises with the man who is likely to retain Labour’s brief for Energy and Climate Change if Labour wins the election.

It was an opportunity to discuss energy efficiency and climate change – especially as Labour’s green paper on this area has just been published.

The Green paper sets out in more detail the nature of Labour’s plans.
‘Energy bills in the least energy efficient properties are over £1,000 a year higher than homes with good insulation, and two-thirds of households in fuel poverty live in the worst insulated properties. The Energy Efficiency Green Paper sets out the steps a Labour Government will take to end cold homes:
• Provide personalised home energy reports for half a million homes a year.
• Deliver free energy efficiency home improvements to at least 200,000 low-income households a year.
• Offer up to a million loans for home improvements that are interest-free in the next Parliament, for households that are able to help meet the costs.
• Set a new target for landlords to get cold and leaky properties up to a decent standard.
• Designate energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority.
• Streamline regulations and provide a long-term strategy to support investment in energy efficiency by businesses.
There is already an obligation on the energy companies to spend £940 million a year on energy efficiency improvements, and the Government itself has budgeted £300 million to spend on energy year on energy efficiency improvements between 2015 and 2017. Our proposals are about making much better use of this money to ensure we help as many people as possible.’

The Green paper was designed specifically to ‘provide an opportunity for interested parties to engage in the development of those proposals.’

Alex’s meeting was designed to do just that.

As Labour’s Green agenda for May 2015 takes shape, the party is still in full listening mode – as Jonathan’s visit showed.

Incidentally Real Junk Food’s café in Armley is in a building which the owner wishes to sell – and they’re crowd-funding to buy the property.
You can support them here.

If you want to help Alex Sobel in his campaign to win here in Leeds NW, sign up here


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