Do you get on the bus in Headingley? Or do you just try to walk down the pavement opposite the Arndale?

In either case, you’ve probably noticed the problems around the bus stop there.

Neil, Janette and Jonathan - Labour's team in Headingley
Neil, Janette and Jonathan – Labour’s team in Headingley

The stop, on Otley Road in central Headingley and opposite the Arndale Centre, sees huge numbers of pedestrians going past daily – and large numbers of passengers waiting for buses. The pavement is narrow and old metal railings also restrict walking around the bus stop. The combination causes a bottleneck throughout the day and especially at peak times. Pedestrians are forced to walk over the adjacent grass verge, jostle with people waiting for buses or risk walking in the road.

Local Labour Councillors, Neil Walshaw, Janette Walker and Jonathan Pryor received complaints about the problems from residents, and from commuters. So they got to work – taking up the issue and providing over £5000 in Ward Based Initiative (WBI) funding. [WBI money, by the way, are funds which Councillors can use for minor capital schemes, provided it’s a question of the acquisition or – as here – the improvement of Council assets.]

The improvements will be carried out by Council Highways officers. They will widen the pedestrian areas around the bus stop, remove the existing metal railings and lay down additional paving.

The work has been supported by local business close to the bus stop and the Headingley in Bloom group who have nearby plant displays.

Neil Walshaw is delighted
“We’re really pleased to be able to fund improvements which will address this long standing issue, which will be of benefit to all pedestrians in the area. Bus stops should not obstruct footpaths and the redesigned pavement will hopefully solve this issue. It’s important that the proposals have the backing of local businesses and Headingley in Bloom and I thank them for their support.”

We think most of those who use central Headingley will be delighted too.

That’s Labour Councillors – working for you, constantly.

If you want to help us in our campaigns in Leeds NW,sign up here</strong


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