Ever heard of ‘Equal Pay Day”? Equal pay day is the day that women across the UK effectively start working for free due to the gender pay gap. That means Yorkshire women will work for free for the next 57 days

The gender pay gap closed by about a third between 1997 and 2010. But now it’s rising again. Last year Equal Pay Day fell on 7 November. This year it came on Monday 3 November. In other words, we’ve moved backwards – the gender pay gap has yawned that bit wider in 2014. 

New analysis of official figures by Labour shows women in Yorkshire are now being paid 80 pence for every pound a man earns. The median hourly pay of men in Yorkshire and Humber is £11.80. The comparable figure for women in £9.49. That gap means that this year women in Yorkshire will effectively work for free from 3 November until 31st December – 3 extra days.

Alex Sobel - a committed supporter of the Living Wage
Alex Sobel – a committed supporter of the Living Wage

So what can be done about this? The first thing is to get the facts out into the open. That’s why a Labour Government will ask big companies with over 250 staff to publish their average hourly pay gap each year – to expose whether men and women are being paid differently for doing the same work, and whether too few women occupy senior positions.

As Gloria De Piero, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities puts it ‘Women shouldn’t have to wait another 50 years for Equal Pay. That’s why Labour will be calling a vote in Parliament to get big companies to publish their pay gap. If this Government doesn’t act, a Labour Government will.’

Alex Sobel, Labour’s candidate in Leeds North West, has already spoken out this week about the Living Wage. He’s just as concerned about this gender inequality – a lot of the worst paid people in our society are women.

These shocking figures show the full extent of the gap in pay between men and women in Yorkshire. In David Cameron’s Britain, where the LibDems boast there’s a ‘stronger economy and fairer society’, not only do women get paid less than men, but things are getting worse. It looks as if only Labour will take action to expose employers who pay men more than women. But then, it looks as if only Labour will stand up for working people here and across the country.”

So, Yorkshire women, you’re working for nowt until New Year. Happy Christmas, from your LibDem/Tory Coalition.

If you want to help Alex in his campaign, sign up here


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