Linda McAvan’s MEP’s October e-bulletin is out.
You can read it here

Unsurprisingly there’s much here about the challenge Ebola poses to public health – and a reminder of how important supra-national organisations like the EU in combating things which do not respect frontiers.

Linda describes the grilling incoming commissioners got before they could take up office. Those who think the EU is undemocratic should ponder this. When do our own MPs get to vet incoming ministers?

There’s a piece on European action for girls, and more on Labour’s new Shadow Europe Minister, Pat McFadden – a welcome appointment.

We published Richard Corbett MEP’s sharp analysis of Cameron’s reaction to the recent EU bill – so it’s interesting to see Linda’s take on this. Like Richard, she points to the influence Cameron has squandered – he’ll be pushed to assemble allies.

Two important local questions – first Natural England’s success in acquiring £2.3 million for work on our all-important peat lands and moorlands – specifically at Thorne and Hatfield Moors.

But also the on-going struggle to get a fair deal for Yorkshire in EU funding allocation. The LibDem/Tory Coalition has slashed regional funding for South Yorkshire, and increased it for affluent areas like Cheshire – which just happens to include George Osborne’s constituency. Linda and local Labour MP John Healey have taken this all the way to the Supreme Court to challenge it. We should know the result before Christmas.

Just another example of this Coalition’s view of ‘fairness’.

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