Headingley is a great mixed community. It embraces long-term residents and the students who join them. It’s a welcoming environment – as the recent Welcome to Headingley event showed – where everyone adds to the rich mix.

Neil, Jonathan and Janette on the doorstep in Headingley
Neil, Jonathan and Janette on the doorstep in Headingley

But, as in all communities, there are problems – usually caused by a very few. And in Headingley one of these is noise nuisance.

Labour’s councillors in Headingley are very alert to this – and they’ve had meetings with local residents about it. They’ve announced a Noise Nuisance Crackdown.

They’re very aware of the noise ‘hotspots’ – one of them at Rosehurst on Grosvenor Road and the adjacent property.

Local residents have complained about excessively loud noise here before. The problem  doesn’t seem just to be normal noise levels – but excessive noise, and even parties on a scale which makes them tantamount to local ‘events’! Their complaints have been taken up by Headingley Councillors – Janette Walker, Neil Walshaw and Jonathan Pryor.

A party was planned for this Saturday, 25 October. The organisers, quite rightly, informed neighbours – who became concerned about the scale of the event. The ‘party’ seemed set to include upward of 200 people, to involve DJs and Bouncers, and to run from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. – not just a few friends enjoying a night in!

The Labour Councillors were informed, and they acted quickly, calling in the ‘Safer Leeds’ police team and other agencies – including Leeds City Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour team. They were at Rosehurst on Friday 24 October, serving occupants with noise abatement notices. The police also gave all 5 present a warning letter regarding potential offences under the Licensing Act 2003, and left copies for the other residents.

The party-organisers came across well in the meeting. They’d considered some of the concerns raised, but had clearly not been prepared for the responses they had received against their party.

It was cancelled. Let’s hope the bigger message about living alongside each other also got across.

In this case, swift action on the part of police and other agencies – instigated by councillors – stopped a potential problem – and provided an opportunity to get local residents’ views across to others, in a firm, but friendly and positive way.

That’s community at work. That’s your Labour Councillors at work.

Others may talk the talk.

It’s Labour that walks the walk!

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