It’s been a funny old weekend – the sort that makes you rub your eyes to make sure you’re awake and really seeing what you think you see.
It’s been a weekend when LibDems have queued up to rewrite the history of the last four years.

We’ve had Danny Alexander telling us the NHS is the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ [seat predicted to be lost to SNP next May – didn’t they vote for Lansley’s Bill in droves?]
We’ve had Nick Clegg accusing Cameron of being ‘a poor man’s Thatcher’ [Does that make Nick a poor man’s Denis?]
We’ve had Vince Cable attacking Tory cuts on the working poor – Tim Farron saying the Tories are trying to balance the books on the backs of the working poor [you’d think the LibDems had trooped through the lobbies with Labour when it came to voting on welfare cuts.]
Apparently Danny Alexander is ‘pissed off’ with the Tories taking credit for all the LibDem achievements.
With friends like these, do the Tories need enemies? Cabinet meetings are going to be uncomfortable places for the next seven months.

And we had David Laws on Sunday Politics talking about rolling back the policies of ‘this government’ – as if his party had had nothing to do with it.
And that’s it in a nutshell – the typical LibDem line – we take responsibility for nothing, and credit for everything.
Power without responsibility – there’s a saying about that somewhere. . . .

Our eyes are sore with the rubbing.

So here are a few of the things the LibDems voted for over the last four years

Lansley’s massive reorganisation of the NHS
Tax cuts for millionaires
Increase in VAT [incidentally – they specifically promised in their manifesto – no VAT increases]
Bedroom Tax
Gagging Act [yes, that amazed us, too – are they Liberals??]
Privatisation of Royal Mail [Vince’s own personal contribution – undervalued at that]

And then, of course, there’s trebling Tuition fees – remember that 2010 promise that got the student vote . . .

We could go on and on.

The point is – we’d have none of these without the LibDems in Coalition. The Tories could have done none of them alone.

The LibDems have real problems acknowledging any of this now.
It’s a mixture of denial, history rewrite – and deathbed conversion.
Judging from the number of LibDems who’ve undergone that, the political undertakers are going to be very busy come next May. Maybe those 2% ratings in the last Kent opinion poll have concentrated their minds a little more.

Alas, the electorate do not have such short memories as the LibDems.
Come next May, voters will remember just what they have been doing over these last four years.They’re well aware of it now.

Better start measuring for those political coffins.


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