More about Labour’s plans for English devolution

Adel and Wharfedale Branch

Ed Miliband has reaffirmed Labour’s commitment to deliver further devolution to Scotland and announced proposals for a full Constitutional Convention rooted in our nations and regions, to address the need for further devolution across the UK, including England, and political reform of Westminster.
The Scottish referendum, alongside the rise of UKIP, highlights deep anger across the UK with Westminster politics from so many people who feel that our country doesn’t work for them.
Labour’s plan for Britain means big economic change about how our country works and for whom it is run. Labour will answer that call, delivering fairness at work, tackling inequality with a higher minimum wage and fair taxes with a 50p rate for the highest earners.
But we also need change in the way we are governed. We cannot and will not now sit back and put up a ‘business as usual’ sign over Westminster.

More powers…

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