In November, Labour MP Clive Efford is putting forward a Private Members Bill to stop David Cameron’s sell off of the NHS.
Clive’s Bill will reverse Cameron’s devastating privatisation of our NHS by:
▪ Restoring the central duty on the Secretary of State to provide National Health Services
▪ Removing Cameron’s dangerous competition requirements
▪ Curbing the ability of NHS hospitals to provide private services
▪ Removing the additional duties awarded to Monitor so there is no longer any conflict of interest
▪ Repealing the S.75 competition regulations

The Bill would hold the fort – pending the May 2015 election.
The Labour Party has backed Clive’s bill – and Andy Burnham has called on Tories and LibDems to do the same

“we know that the threat to the NHS is real – and that it can’t wait for an election.
That is why Labour is supporting a Private Member’s Bill – promoted by Clive Efford MP – to repeal the most noxious elements of the Cameron Health Act in this Parliament.
Before they face the public next year, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs have a chance to correct their mistake.”
We’re not holding our breath on that one.

But we are taking our cue from Andy, and working to build support for the Bill.

Unions Together (TULO) have launched the ‘NHS: Condition Critical’ campaign – to back Clive’s Bill.

We have signed up to that campaign – and we’ll be focusing on aspects of the NHS this week.

We’re taking the message out into the constituency – and to Labour Party Conference the following week with the motion we have sent in.

We’ll be in Headingley on Saturday 20 September to raise awareness and gather as many signatures as we can – at a Street Stall in the Arndale Centre from 10 a.m. to 12 – and on to the doorstep to spread information directly.

There are several petitions backing Clive’s Bill – sign them all!
You can sign the Labour party petition here.
The Government e-petition here

The TULO petition backing Clive Efford’s Bill is here

If you want to join us next Saturday, sign up HERE


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