Linda has been nominated by her fellow Labour MEPs to be the next chair of the European Parliament’s International Development Committee.

She writes
‘I am honoured to take on this role which will allow me to make the most of the huge opportunities that the next Parliament will bring. We have the chance to tackle poverty in the developing world through the UN’s post-Millennium Development Goals, to make progress with our neighbours throughout the European Year of Development (2015) and to relieve the pressures of climate change on some of the world’s poorest farmers at the UN climate summit in Paris next year.

The Labour party has a proud history of standing up for global justice and even in these tough economic times, we must find ways to continue that legacy.

London MEP Claude Moraes will also be taking up the chair’s role on the Civil Liberties committee following leadership in the wake of the NSA [US National Security Agency] surveillance scandal.’

Linda’s work here – like that of Claude Moraes – are just more indications of the opportunities the European Parliament brings for co-operation and action on the most pressing subjects of our day.

Linda will of course be keeping us updated about her work and the progress made by all Labour MEPs throughout the next parliament.

We look forward to that – and congratulate Linda on her new role.


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