The Tour de France in Yorkshire was a great success.
Much praise must go not only to those who pitched for Stages one and two to be held in the great county, but also to those who worked tirelessly (no pun intended) to manage the event – including the army of voluntary Tour Helpers, the tourist boards and, of course, Leeds City Council.
The weather held and the mood on the streets from the Headrow through the Dales and on to Sheffield was just as bright.

So, now the White Rose part of the Tour is over and Yorkshire has returned to something like its former self. To help fill the void left by the Tour we thought you might appreciate some light entertainment.
What better than to take part in a quiz? It is not very difficult so let’s see how you score. A point for each correct answer.labour-sleuth-quizmaster

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY auctioned a bottle of champagne bearing Mrs Margaret Thatcher’s signature for £40,000 for party funds?

Answer. The Tories!
The name of the buyer is not known.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY auctioned participation in a tennis match with David (‘No top-down reorganisation of the NHS) Cameron and Boris (water cannon) Johnson for £160,000 for party funds?

Answer. The Tories!
The auction was eventually “won” by Lubov Chernukhin – the wife of President Putin’s former deputy finance minister Vladimir Chernukhin.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY sells seats at private dining tables with cabinet ministers for ‘unknown’ sums of money to Russian oligarchs for party funds?

Answer.The Tories!
The names of this year’s attendees are not yet known but at the summer bash in 2013 attendees included Vladimir Putin’s judo partner, Vasily Shestakov, who has been tasked with improving Russia’s reputation in the UK and Andrei Borodin, an exiled Russian banker who is wanted by the Kremlin to face charges of “aggravated swindling” over an alleged £220m bank fraud, which he denies and claims is politically driven.
According to the Guardian, “Six billionaires and 15 people with a personal wealth above £100m were present at the closed event at Old Billingsgate Market, including 73 financiers, 47 retail and property tycoons, 10 in oil, gas and mining and 19 working in public affairs and PR.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY has received more than £800,000 for party funds from the brother-in law of a Treasury minister who lives in a tax haven?

Answer. The Tories!
Peter de Putron, a banker and offshore financier who lives in Guernsey, is married to the sister of Andrea Leadsom MP. He has donated £816,000 to the Conservative party since his sister-in-law first successfully ran for parliament at the last election.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY has a leader who responded to the public outcry over political lobbying by introducing a parliamentary bill to make life harder for charities to communicate with their supporters and the public?

Answer. The Tories!
The Coalition government forced The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill aka the ‘gagging bill’ through Parliament. The public wanted a law to stop unknown lobbyers (tobacco companies, drinks companies, mining companies) from using their power with the Tories against the interests of the general public. However, the main effect of the act now in place is to restrict Trade Union activity and criticisms of the government’s polices from charities such as The Trussell Trust – the largest organiser of food banks in the country.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY had an MP who resigned this year because he had been caught taking cash for questions.

Answer. The Tories!
Patrick Mercer stood down as Tory MP for Newark after being found guilty of accepting ‘cash for questions’.

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY constantly accuses the Labour Party of being in the pockets of the unions despite the fact that union donations are open and transparent?

Answer. The Tories!
Every time the Tories are accused of being in the hands of lobbyists, of accepting dodgy money or accepting money from their frequently secret financiers they bring up the issue of Union support for Labour.

And here’s your bonus question

Q. WHICH POLITICAL PARTY had one of its PCCs trash the Welcome to Yorkshire plans for the Tour de France?

Answer. The Tories!
Tory North Yorkshire police and crime commissioner (PCC) Julia Mulligan attacked the tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire’s successful Tour de France bid.

Julia Mulligan wrote an angry letter to the agency’s chief executive, Gary Verity, criticising the “lack of clarity” over the likely policing costs of the Grand Depart.

Apparently Ms Mulligan, formerly a failed Tory parliamentary candidate shipped in from North Yorkshire to fight for the Leeds NW seat at the last general election, is still trying to wipe the egg from her face.

How successful were you?
If you scored:
– zero points: you need to read this website more frequently;
– between 1 and 3 points: well done, but some room for improvement. Why not consider becoming a supporter of the Labour party?
– Between 4 and 7 points: great. Why not become a full member of the Labour party?
– 8 points: brilliant. Why not make a donation to help us fight the next general election?

For more information about the party contact us here.

Together, we can make Britain better than this.


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