Today – 5 July – is the 66th birthday of the NHS.

One of the proudest British achievements, and one of the proudest achievements of the Labour Party.
That achievement has been made thanks to the skills and dedication of hundreds and thousands of NHS staff – and we owe all them a huge debt of gratitude today.

Since it was founded, the NHS has chalked up a staggering set of statistics – over 44 million babies delivered, for example.

Andy Burnham was the 15,108,518th baby born on the NHS.

You can find out what your number is – and see more of the incredible NHS story :

And if, like some of us, you predate the NHS, then you can find the number of a child, grandchild or other relative.

The NHS is judged to be the best in the world, according to an international panel of experts. It outranks the privatised health care system of the US, which came bottom in that same survey.

Aneurin Bevan said of the health service: ‘It will survive as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it’.

We certainly have that faith.

Let’s make sure it makes its 70th birthday – and in the best of PUBLIC health.

For more information from us, and to help us ensure that, sign up here


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