Linda McAvan’s first post-EU election e-bulletin is out.
You can read it HERE

Highlights this month include two major EU moves with implications for jobs here in Yorkshire
– Linda leads for the Socialist and Democrats political group in the European Parliament on environmental issues and has been a leading figure in establishing some of the renewable energy and recycling targets that are driving investment in Yorkshire. She recently visited the UK’s first carton recycling plant near Halifax.
After her work promoting carbon capture, Linda is now hoping to get a carbon capture pant established at Drax – the White Rose project here is the only one to have made it to the final stage of application. The bid could be worth as much as 300 million euros and 4,000 jobs for Yorkshire.

Meanwhile the new line-ups are forming in the European Parliament.
The UK Tories are already in a little group of their own making. They have now accepted the Danish People’s Party and the True Finns. Both have controversial members who once sat with UKIP.
Meanwhile UKIP have teamed up with the Swedish Democrats – who did not reject Nazism until 1999, and whose first auditor was a veteran of the Waffen SS.

Our right-wing parties lurch ever further to the right– perhaps it’s in Europe that the masks slip.


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