Yeadon is a very attractive Pennine town, as those of you who know it will appreciate.

But like a lot of attractive places, there are bits of it where litter and rubbish spoil the look.

That was what the 16th Airedale reed cub pack thought, too. And THEY decided to do something about it.
As part of “Do 1 thing” Scout Community Week, the cub pack at Yeadon Methodist held a community clean up on Monday 16th June.

Over the past few meetings the cubs had been out and about in Yeadon highlighting areas that needed attention. Litter-picking and a clean-up looked like something which needed doing – and something they could do.
Assistant Cub Scout Leader Gavin Birkett then met Labour Parliamentary Candidate Alex Sobel, and Alex agreed to help organise things.

Monday was a perfect summer evening – and the cubs, along wth their parents and leaders, got stuck into the task with real enthusiasm. They tackled the public steps next to Rivoli Pizzeria on Ivegate. Alex helped the cubs by providing gloves, Litter Pickers and bags – and he took a hand at the clearing himself!
The results were spectacular. The cubs collected over 25 bags of rubbish and cleared overgrown shrubbery which was impeding the path.
Mussi from Rivoli Pizzeria was so impressed by the cubs’ work that he donated pizzas – so the evening ended with the cubs enjoying a well-earned feed back at the scout hut.

Scout Community Week is an occasion when scouts and cubs do something for their communities. The 16th Airedale cub pack did just that last Monday – with a little help from Alex.
As last Monday showed, they make a real contribution to their community. They have a great time, too.
The 16th Airedale scout group meet at Yeadon Methodist. They are always looking for new boys and girls aged 6-25 to join.
If your child is interested in joining, contact scout leader


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