One of the biggest worries for us as a society is the future of the young.

There is much to suggest that they have borne the brunt of the austerity measures.
And NEETs – that is young people Not in Employment Education or Training are an especial concern.
As we’ve reported before, Leeds Labour Council aims to make the city a NEET-free zone.
It aims that by 2030 Leeds will be a ‘place where everyone has an equal chance to live their life successfully and realise their potential; where communities will be successful; where people will be confident, skilled, enterprising, active and involved.’

So it is especially gratifying that the Council’s Education Business Partnership (EBP) has gained the Global Best Award for its work with some of the city’s 16 and 17 year-olds.

That means it’s judged to be the best in Europe in the category of Partnerships Which Build Learning Communities – and that’s official.

The EBP works with young people – with those not in education, employment or training. The aim is to build their confidence in the skills they have. It provides mock interviews and work placements, as well as work place visits and sessions aimed at preparing them for the workplace.

This is the sort of area where every little boost helps.

212 young people have found work as a result.

The Council’s scheme is now in the running for the ‘Overall Global Winner’.

We’ll all be rooting for that – and especially for the young people it helps.

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