Older readers among you may remember hearing the sound of the Kirkstall Forge hammer across NW Leeds.

That sound has long been silent.

Kirkstall forge was once reckoned to be the longest continually used industrial site in Britain. That story ended in 2002 – when the American-owned Dana Corporation moved production to India and Spain.

The story of Kirkstall forge is one more footnote in the de-industrialisation of Britain.

But the site of the forge is part of the great regeneration project along the Aire valley which Leeds City Council is undertaking.

The Kirkstall Forge element of that project is planned to include over 1000 houses, many of them affordable housing. There will be offices, shopping and leisure facilities. This riverside site will, it’s estimated, create about 2400 jobs.

The whole project has just taken a step forward, with the Dept of Transport’s approval of the Council’s application for a new station as part of the development.

The station will mean a regular six-minute link to the city centre.

That will relieve congestion on local roads and provide a green transport alternative for the new residents.

The news comes on the day that Leeds Labour Council has announced that affordable housing will be one of its key priorities. The Aire Valley developments will play their part in that.

The station and the accompanying regeneration are just one more example of how hard Leeds Labour Council has been working to bring jobs and growth to the city.

Work will begin this autumn, and the station should be open by summer 2015.

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