Sitting MEPs – as on 21 May

Linda McAvan – Labour – has been Labour MEP for Yorks and Humber since 1999, Labour MEP for Yorkshire S 1998-9

Timothy Kirkhope – Tory – was Leeds NE MP until he lost the seat in 1997. MEP since 1999

Edward McMillan Scott – elected as a Tory, now LibDem – Tory MEP for York 1984-94; Tory MEP for Yorks and Humber from 1999. Leader of Tory MEPs 1997-2001. Elected for Tories in 2009, joined LibDems 2010

Rebecca Taylor – LibDem – replaced Diana Wallis in 2012. Diana Wallis elected in 2009

Andrew Brons – elected for BNP in 2009; Independent in 2012, British Democratic Party 2013

Godfrey Bloom – elected for UKIP 2009, Independent since 2013

Parties standing in May 2014
Votes %

Independence from Europe 24,297

BNP 20,138

Conservative 248,945

English Democrats 13,288

Green 102,282

Labour 380,189

Liberal Democrats 81,108

No2EU 3,807

UKIP 403,630

Yorkshire First 19,017

MEPs elected to stand for Yorkshire and the Humber

J Collins – UKIP
Linda McAvan – Labour
T.Kirkhope – Conservative
A.Bashir – UKIP
Richard Corbett – Labour
M.Hookem – UKIP

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