safe_image.phpOn Thursday May 22 you’ll have a choice in Leeds NW – between three Tory parties – and Labour.

OK, so that’s not entirely accurate – there will be other parties too, including the Greens.

But there will be three parties who are essentially Tory – the Conservatives, the LibDems and UKIP.

The Conservatives are exactly what it says on the tin – Tories. Their Coalition government are pushing hard to privatise the NHS and other public services, brought in expensive free schools and has cut deep into Local Government finance – all as part of its rolling back of the state.
Vote for them – and vote for more cuts to services.
You know what you’re getting.

With the LibDems, you’re never sure what it says on the tin, because they keep changing the label.
In 2010 they told you in Leeds NW to vote LibDem to keep the Tories out.
This time they’re telling you to vote LibDem to keep Labour out.

Maybe the problem is the tin in empty! They certainly seem to be able to change its contents completely to suit their electoral advantage.

But the LibDem tin actually contains Tory-mix – ready to use.

Just remember this – the LibDems have been in Coalition with the Tories at Westminster, but from 2004-2010 they were in coalition with the Tories here in Leeds, too.
Greg Mulholland – who was a councillor in Leeds – has only ever been in government by allying with Tories – here in Leeds and at Westminster.

And the same applies to his LibDem colleagues in Headingley, Weetwood and Otley.
They’ve worked hand in glove with the Tories at Westminster since 2010, but before 2010 they were working hand in glove with the Tories here in Leeds.
Everything the Tories have done – at Westminster and once in Leeds – they’ve done with LibDem support.
If there’s anything in their tin – it’s Tory.

The third Tory party is UKIP.
It’s very difficult for people to work out what’s in their tin – because Nigel Farage keeps disowning the packaging and contents. He disowns his manifesto, and many of his candidates.
This looks like a tin of fruitcakes.

But don’t be deceived.
There are real right-wing Tories in this tin
Whatever else they believe in
– they support the privatisation of the NHS [their deputy leader is explicit]
– they support a flat-rate tax – which means bankers would pay no higher rate than nurses and cleaners
– they want to reduce workers’ rights – especially women’s.
These are straightforward right-wing Tory policies.

UKIP is against Europe – and for the same reasons as many right-wing Tories are – because Europe protects workers’ and consumers’ rights.
Labour’s labelling is clear
Nationally and locally Labour’s tin holds the makings of a fairer society – that’s why only this week Ed Miliband has promised to strengthen the minimum wage.
Repealing the NHS act and the Bedroom tax centrally, protecting the weak and vulnerable locally, are just some of Labour’s plans.
We’ve written frequently about Labour’s plans – for Leeds, for Britain and for Europe.
Labour is exactly what it says on the tin – the party of fairness to all.

So, on Thursday 22 May – read the labels – but be aware that what is inside the tin is not always everything the labels say.

We’ve every confidence you now how to interpret them.

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