Leeds Labour Council has

1. Protected Sure Start in the face of Coalition cuts
2. Been in the forefront of positive action on payday loans
3. Protected services for the elderly in the face of Coalition Cuts
4. Led the way nationally in integrated health care
5. Adopted a Brownfield first policy on planning – in spite of the Coalition’s NPPF
6. Made huge progress on youth employment – its Youth Contract programme massively outstrips national efforts on youth training and employment
7. Created growth locally with 15,000 new jobs
8. Protected the Local Welfare Support scheme, for the most vulnerable people in Leeds in spite of Coalition cuts
9. Hit over 50% recycling target
10. Made Leeds one of top 5 places to live – with its Core Cities agenda
– and protected Community Police Support Officers in teeth of Coalition cuts . . .we could go on. . . . .

This is what Labour government locally means.

If you support this positive agenda, if you want to continue it – then vote positively on May 22.
Vote Labour.


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