We all know that heating bills have gone up massively.
That’s why Ed Miliband made his commitment to freeze energy Bills and to reform the energy market if Labour is elected in 2015.
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But the Labour council locally has been doing its bit to tackle the problem – before next year’s General Election.
Leeds Labour has been working hard in Tinshill and Ireland Wood to improve insulation and help people drive down their heating bills.

If you’ve been round Ireland Wood or Tinshill recently, you’ll have noticed what’s going on. The Council has undertaken cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, and roof insulation – all as part of the city-wide ‘Wrap Up Leeds’ scheme.
Wrap Up Leeds offers a range of free and discounted energy-saving improvements – to homeowners and private renting tenants. No-one need miss out!
It makes sense to hard-pressed people facing a cost-of-living crisis.
And it makes Green sense, too – reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, the LibDem/Tory Coalition have put this at risk. The last Labour Government introduced green levies, which paid for this work. But the Coalition have removed some of them.
Leeds Labour Council has continued to fund the work, still offering free insulation. But there are real questions about how long they can continue to do this.
Cllr Mark Dobson, who has overall responsibility for this type of work, said:
‘The last Labour government introduced green levies. Without them we could not have undertaken this work.’

Julie Heselwood, Labour’s candidate in Weetwood, commented
‘It’s fantastic that houses here in Ireland Wood and Tinshill have secured this insulation, and are now enjoying lower energy bills as a result. It’s the sort of practical support that shows the difference Labour makes.’

It’s not too late to apply – Wrap Up Leeds is still open. But you’ll need to hurry. The Coalition’s cuts mean that time is probably running out.

You could also Vote Labour on 22 May – and send them a message they might listen to.

For more information from us sign up here


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