This week Ed Miliband has set out a contract with the British people.
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If elected in 2015, there are ten things Ed Miliband has promised that Labour will do to deal with the Cost of Living Crisis

‘Labour will deal with the cost-of-living crisis. We will take immediate action to deal with the pressures facing families, and make the big long term changes we need so that hardworking people are better off.

We will:
1. Freeze gas and electricity bills until 2017 and reform the energy market

2. Get 200,000 homes built a year by 2020

3. Stop families that rent being ripped off and help them plan for the future with new long-term predictable tenancies

4. Cut income tax for hardworking people through a lower 10p starting tax rate, and introduce a 50p top rate of tax as we pay off the deficit in a fair way

5. Ban exploitative zero-hour contracts

6. Make work pay by strengthening the Minimum Wage and providing tax breaks to firms that boost pay through the Living Wage

7. Back small businesses by cutting business rates and reforming the banks

8. Help working parents with 25 hours free childcare for three- and four-year-olds

9. Tackle the abuse of migrant labour to undercut wages by banning recruitment agencies that only hire foreign workers and pressing for stronger controls in Europe.

10. Back the next generation with a job guarantee for the young unemployed and more apprenticeships

This is our contract with you.
Vote Labour to make Britain better off.’

Sign Labour’s Contract HERE

You can make a start on that by voting Labour on 22 May 2014

For more information from us sign up here


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