A new website and Twitter account has opened – dedicated to throwing the clear light of evidence on Tory and LibDem Coalition claims.
It’s called ‘Evidence’ – and you can follow it at @EvidenceUK, or read the blog at http://evidenceuk.info/wordpress/

Here’s a first sample of their work – 8 things you need to know about the Coalition and the NHS

1. Here is a list of every Private Firm who has bought access to your Patient Records. Many of them donate to the Tories

2. In March, the Tories shut down the website that allowed us to measure £15bn of NHS Privatisation

3. The Office of National Statistics, Institute of Fiscal Studies, Office of Budget Responsibility, Nuffield Health & King’s Fund all say Cameron broke his NHS Spending promise

4. p.24 of Cameron/Clegg’s Coalition Deal promised no centrally dictated NHS Closures. Jeremy Hunt has broken this deal

5. [Mar 7] £1,222,000,000.00 of your NHS was offered up to Private Health yesterday – details here:

6. The “mean salary” of a NHS Trainee Doctor has been cut £4,496 by David Cameron while NHS Managers enjoy a £9,389 hike

7. Last year, Jeremy Hunt wasted £3,926,827,000.00 on Agency Staff in the NHS. Hiring permanent staff would save £billions

8. David Cameron persists with his claim that NHS Spending is rising but truth is it is falling 9%. Evidence: BBC News 5 Feb 2014

Websites and Twitter accounts like this show the power of the Internet in providing open access to information.
We’ll keep you abreast of what they are saying.

For more information from us sign up here


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