The government is proposing the end of the mining industry in the UK – and in Yorkshire.

Kellingley colliery is the last remaining deep mine in Yorkshire. It has reserves estimated to last well into the 2030s. But UK Coal plans to close it. The closure will be phased over 18 months.
Tony Lodge, an economist with the Centre for Policy studies, has called on UK Coal to find a buyer for what is still a viable mine. He has particularly warned against a sale which could result in asset stripping, when what is needed is long-term investment.

Linda McAvan, Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, has also warned of the possible impact of closure – and not merely in the loss of 700 jobs in Knottingley, Featherstone, Castleford, Normanton and Pontefract.

‘On an average day, 40% of the UK’s energy comes from burning coal. When Kellingley and Thoresby collieries close in 18 months time, the government is not proposing to reduce the amount of coal that we burn, instead we will burn the same amount of imported coal. At the moment 40% of the coal that we import comes from Russia which might be cheap now, but following the annexation of the Crimea last month, relations with Russia are not good – who knows what it will cost in the months to come.’

Linda has called on people to sign the petition asking the Government to help stop the closure of Kellingley Colliery and the loss of over 700 Jobs. Local power stations should burn the coal mined there and stocks of coal for at least twenty five years of mining should be exploited.

If you agree, you can also sign the petition here:


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