Have you noticed the nifty little street cleaning van around the centre of Leeds recently?

They’re the new green transport option – the tiny all electric tipper vehicle – and street cleaning crews are using them around the city centre.

They may look small. But crews can collect up to five tonnes of rubbish from the city centre in 24 hours, and can load over 100 bags of waste and litter into the back of one van.

In this case, small is beautiful – in more ways than one.
Its smaller size is a big advantage when it comes to accessing narrow alleyways. It reaches the places the usual, larger vehicles can’t.

The electric vehicle also has no emissions and is more manoeuvrable. So it’s well suited for use in pedestrian areas to empty bins.

These little vehicles help the crews offer an efficient service. But they also help the council improve its environmental performance.

Councillor Mark Dobson
Councillor Mark Dobson

Councillor Mark Dobson, Executive Member for the Environment,
 praised their green credentials:

“We’re aiming to cut emissions in the city by 40% by 2020, so we’re constantly looking at ways to make our services greener.
“Our city centre street cleaning team provide a high profile service in some of our busiest streets around the clock and all year long. The new van is a great addition and is already proving to be effective in helping the team maintain the excellent standards of cleanliness people expect.
“As well as the operational benefits, the new vehicle demonstrates our commitment to making carbon and financial savings.”

Win win, in fact.

Leeds just went a bit more stylish, a bit more efficient, and a bit greener.

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