Standing in for Ed Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions on 12th March, Harriet Harman was able to put the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, and the Lib Dems firmly in their place. She said:

“No one is going to be fooled by the Lib Dems’ phoney rows with the Tories when, week in, week out, they are justifying them at the dispatch box and trotting through the lobbies with the Tories.images

This website has frequently demonstrated the truth of Ms Harman’s accusation.

Over the past four years the Lib Dems, have enjoyed riding with the Tories and frequently claimed to be running with the hare.

You know the sort of thing? Imposing the bedroom tax whilst wringing their hands and feeling the pain of the dispossessed.

Leeds NW Lib Dem MP Greg Mulholland is a past master at this. To look at his website and election material you wouldn’t know that he has far more often than not ridden out with his Tory mates.

‘Grim Up North’
And now Mr Mulholland has the brass neck to complain that the north of England has been badly treated by his own government! The government he votes for.

Eight northern Lib Dem MP’s have submitted a budget paper to the Chancellor of the Exchequer entitled ’Grim Up North’ in which they, quite reasonably, appeal to Mr Osborne and his Lib Dem sidekick, Danny Alexander, to increase funding to the northern counties. It is not clear whether or not Mr Mulholland is one of the eight but we suspect he is. On his website he certainly supports Grim Up North’s ambitions and we agree with the ambition too – and not just for the North.

His support, however, will not save him from the electorate’s criticism. Lib Dems frequently plead with us to understand that whilst they know things are difficult for the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the badly taught, the ill, the old, the young and the homeless …. things would have been worse if they, the Lib Dems, had not stayed the hand of the wicked Tories.

But we know better and so do you!

It is only because of the Lib Dems’ support that the government has been able to
– sell off the NHS;
– charge university students £9000 per year in student fees;
– cut the living standards for the majority whilst leaving the rich to continue feathering their nests;
– cut the funding for flood defences;
– decimate the legal aid system;
– increase the use of zero-hours contracts by nearly 300% since 2010;
– oversee the massive rise in food poverty across the UK;
– cut the 50% top rate of income tax;
– cut the funding to Leeds City by 30% since 2010/11
– demonise immigrants and the poor
– and so on and on. . . .

Come on Mr Mulholland. Isn’t it time to be honest?

It is not just grim up North but grim all over Britain for working and middle class people, many of whom live in your constituency.
And we all know who is to blame – the LibDems and the Tories together in this Coalition.
If you ride with the hounds, you can’t run with the hare.

Ms Harman said this about the Lib Dems: “They used to talk about two parties coming together in the national interest. Now they are two parties bound together by a mutual terror of the electorate.”

And she is right.

Britain Can Do Better Than This

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