Headingley is a great place to live and work but, as the smallest ward on the city geographically, we don’t have a great deal of green space.
That’s why it’s essential that Councillor Neil Walshaw and I constantly strive to improve what little we have – working closely with community colleagues, partners and friends.

I’m really pleased therefore we have been able to identify funding as Headingley Ward Members, in association with Leeds City Council’s Planning and Parks and Countryside Services’, to improve the Rose Garden in Headingley.

Labour's Headingley team - with reinforcements!
Labour’s Headingley team – with reinforcements!

The works are now ongoing and include:

• Supply and installation of an electrical point- a huge bonus for the popular Farmers Market.
• Removal of existing shrubbery and then supply and plant herbaceous plant material within the existing planting beds.
• Supplying and laying turf to existing grassed areas.
• Supplying and installing ornate metal fencing on the existing low level stone wall on the site (near to the neighbouring buildings).

To best reflect community needs and aspirations of this valuable and well used area of green-space Neil and I ensured the following individual groups were specifically consulted on the proposed improvements:

• Headingley Farmers Market/Headingley Development Trust. The Farmers Market were particularly keen we piloted the artificial grass areas that will do so much to assist them during the winter months.
• Headingley in Bloom.
• The local community in the surrounding area.

In addition the project was placed on the council’s corporate online public consultation tool ‘Talking Point’ in order to give everyone the opportunity to comment on the scheme. From comments received the final project plan was created. I’d like to personally thank everyone who took the time and trouble to liaise with us on this project.

The capital project cost is £22,988.90 and is funded though Section 106 Developer Contributions. The project commenced earlier this year and will be completed by Spring 2014 (weather permitting).

Neil and I are committed to making Headingley that little bit greener and enhance our already fabulous part of Leeds – and to working with local groups and people to do that!

Cllr Walker, Labour Headingley
[This is a lightly edited version of a piece which appeared in the last issue of North Leeds Life]

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