A little late – we’ve been busy with our posts on women, including one from Linda – but here’s her latest e-bulletin.
Highlights this month include
– the run-up to the vote on the new tobacco laws – designed to stop young people starting
– the action of Linda and fellow Labour MEPs on cloning
– Linda’s work on Fairtrade – especially in her capacity as Chair of the European Parliament’s Fairtrade working group – she’s certainly been ‘sticking with Foncho’
– Her backing for the ‘One Billion’s Rising’ campaign against violence against women.

Two things especially caught our eye

The Coalition Government’s attempts to give EU money destined for South Yorkshire to Scotland have been thrown out in court. Linda is still working hard on this one.
The Coalition Government has also been refusing to access EU money available to tackle youth unemployment. Linda has joined with her colleagues to call on the government to urgently come up with an implementation plan to access €8 billion of European funding here – a fund that Labour MEPs have worked hard to secure. The UK allocation is worth in the region of €200m (£170m). But whilst the rest of the EU is applying for this funding, the UK is yet to make an application.

If both of these look to you like playing politics with funding which could have a real impact on people’s lives, we think we might agree.

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