This year there are two very important elections coming up – both on the same day – 22 May.

Leeds City Council Elections – when you get the chance to vote for your ward councillor here in Headingley, Weetwoood, Adel and Wharfedale or Otley and Yeadon
And the European Union Elections– when all the Members of the European Parliament will be chosen – and your vote will count towards the selection of MEPs for Yorkshire and the Humber.


Chances are you’ve already taken the opportunity to get your name on the electoral roll.
But, if not, you’d better get a move on.

If you are a student remember that you can register at both your home address and university address. Although it is an offence to vote more than once at a national election you can vote in local elections at both your addresses providing they are in different local authority areas.

You can register to vote if you are a British Citizen, a citizen of the Irish Republic, of a European Union country or of the Commonwealth. If you’ve any doubts or questions about your eligibility see this website –

Monday 3 February is the last date for submission of your completed canvass form. Full details here

This deadline applies to getting your name on the register.

But once you are on it, there’s still plenty of time to apply for a postal vote – and that’s an option you might want to consider, especially if you think you may not be here on election day.
You can download the form to apply for a postal vote here

Postal vote applications have to be in 11 days before the election – so you’ve got until 11 May. But it’s better to be safe, and get them in as soon as possible.

Your Vote Counts – but it can’t Count if you Can’t Vote – and You Can’t Vote if You’re not Registered.

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