5 July 2014 – it’s getting closer and closer.
The Grand Depart – as the Tour de France kicks [or wheels?] off – from here in Leeds.2198306_1041

Now it has all become just that bit more real.
The timings of the Yorkshire stages have been announced – here.

They’re in French, not surprisngly – but they’re not hard to follow.

The ‘Départ fictif’ is when it all starts – with a parade stage in which the riders will set off behind the race director’s car, and where the public can see the riders more closely.
The race proper – when the flag goes down – starts with the ‘Départ réel’.

Depending on the speed they make, the riders will be in Arthington at about 12.03, Pool at 12.06/7, and Otley at 12.12/12.13.

We can feel the excitement mounting already.
The eyes of the world will be on Pool, Arthington and Otley – and so will most of ours.

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