Some of you may have missed the Carryings on Up the A660 before Christmas. Catch them here – along with the latest Despatches from Cambodunum from our allies in Darkest Adel

Adel and Wharfedale Branch

Before Christmas we posted a report from our intrepid scribe Andreas Bowlus in Outer Bramhope – on the ominous stirrings up the A660 and the iniquities of the CoEmperors PickloGovus.

Now, from Darkest Adel and Wharfedale, come despatches from Cambodunum [aka Roman Adel] brought to you at considerable risk by our fearless team of Red Carrier Pigeons.

There are rumours of dastardly conspiracies by the tribe of Historians – who have been rewriting the history of our Empire and its Great Wars.
There are fears that this may be fostering a slave revolt, under the leadership of one Baldricus [though a figure – known to the initiated by the codename of Al-x S -b-l – is emerging as its local spearhead].
Co-Emperor M.Govus, in a recent interview on the B[ramhope] B[roadcasting] C[ompany], confronted these enemies.
He will, it is thought, write his own version of history.
In the meantime, he…

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