Linda MacAvan, Yorkshire and the Humber Labour MEP, has published her December E-bulletin.
There’s news on plain packaging of tobacco – where the EU is leading the way; good news for the 14,000 children who smoke in Yorkshire.
There are details of the Tories voting AGAINST a clamp-down on tax evasion – they never cease to confirm our view of them as the party of the rich.
And you can watch the trailer of the Bradford-made film, ‘The Selfish Giant’ which came second in the Lux film awards.

Perhaps most important – Linda is taking up the question of the EU/US Trade agreement – which has potentially enormous implications for the NHS and all our public services. We’ve posted about this before, here. It’s possibly the largest single threat looming for the NHS – but not receiving the attention it merits. So great to see Linda taking it very seriously. This is definitely something to watch, and to contact her about.

No Godfrey – yesterday’s man – but plenty to interest you.

And Christmas Greetings from Linda – courtesy of the children of Rawmarsh Ashwood primary school, near Rotherham.


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