The Coalition Government is planning to change the way local NHS services are funded and Yorkshire is likely to lose out badly.

The new funding plans give more money to areas which are healthier and wealthier, and less to areas with low income and poorer health.

Wakefield District, for example, is set to lose over £43m – starting next April. That’s a massive 8% cut in our NHS funding and local GPs have told us the effects would be disastrous for our local services. Leeds North and West will also suffer badly.

Areas like ours across Yorkshire and the North of England which have lots of health problems are hard hit by these plans. However more affluent areas will get extra cash. We think that’s deeply unfair.

We need to stop this new funding formula going ahead next year. NHS officials are meeting today, December 17th, to make a decision. It’s vital we let them know how damaging and unfair these plans are.

Already local GPs and Mid-Yorkshire Trust have raised their concerns. Yorkshire Labour MPs have written to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to strongly oppose these unfair cuts to our NHS.

But we need lots more people to join our campaign and show them how strongly Yorkshire people will fight for our NHS.

The quickest way to help is by signing the petition. This will send a letter to the Chief Executive of NHS England. The more letters we can sent, the greater our voice will be.

We don’t have much time to fight these changes. But they’ll have a massive impact on our area. We’ve fought to defend the NHS before, and together we can do it again now.

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