After hard campaigning by KEYBAG [Keep Yeadon Banks Green] and the local community in Yeadon, it is great news that Leeds City Council are proposing to protect both Yeadon Banks and Bayton Lane from development.

Real credit for this achievement should go to the Chair of KEYBAG, Doug Jones, former Labour MP, Paul Trusswell, and Labour campaigner John Eveleigh. The work done over the last decade by these campaigners and others has helped to keep this issue high on the agenda.

The proposals to protect Yeadon Banks and Bayton Lane are part of a sites allocation plan by Leeds City Council to meet housing targets set by the Tory and LibDem government. Over the next 15 years Leeds City Council is required by the government to build 66,000 homes – finding a place for these homes is a real challenge.

Leeds City Council are doing a good job in trying to protect important green spaces, while also finding room for the new houses that young people in particular so desperately need.Yeadon Banks

Carl Morris, Labour’s 2014 candidate for the Leeds city council elections in Yeadon and Otley, has said:
“It’s fantastic that Yeadon Banks and Bayton Lane are going to be protected from development under these proposals. But we also have to find space for affordable homes in Yeadon and across Leeds. House prices are starting to rise at an absurd rate again, so we urgently need to find a way to provide affordable homes for young families and for the next generation. That’s why I’m taking this issue directly to council chiefs in Leeds, to make sure that affordability is at the top of their agenda for any housing in Yeadon or the local area.”

In 2012 we rejected Lib Dem scaremongering that Labour wanted to allocate Yeadon Banks for housing.
They’ve been scare-mongering and peddling half-truths about Leeds Council’s plans again this year.
So it’s good to make things clear – it’s a Labour Council that are proposing to protect Yeadon Banks from development!


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