This has been a week of smear against Andy Burnham, followed by half-hearted apology.

Fortunately for all of us, Andy Burnham is still in place. Well done Ed Miliband for standing up, again, to pressures from the right-wing press, who are doing the Tories’ work for them. Andy Burnham is the best hope for the NHS.644632_10151361908992411_1823532701_n

The Tories – and their LibDem fellow-travellers – have been a disaster.
So in case you need reminding, here are twenty reasons why you shouldn’t trust the NHS to the Tories, or their LibDem partners, and why Jeremy Hunt should be sacked.

with thanks to Dr Eoin Clarke and the Green Benches

1 A&Es performing at their worst for patients in any second quarter since 2004

2 GP funding has been cut by £400m

3 More than £11 billion of the NHS has been offered to Private Firms

4 20+ Treatments/Operations for patients are no longer free in parts of England

5 There are now 5,601 less nurses to treat patients under the Tories

6 There are now 35,000+ less NHS staff under the Tories

7 There are now 7,968 less NHS Beds for patients under the Tories

8 Over 30% of NHS Walk In Centres have been closed

9 Ambulance Stations are closing at an alarming rate

10 UK Statistics Boss confirms NHS Spending did not rise

11’Never Events’ have soared since 2009/10

12 Clinical Negligence Claims by patients have climbed by 49% since 2009/10

13 Patient Satisfaction went from record highs to record lows after 2010

14 Patient Complaints about the NHS climbed 8% in just 1 year

15 Staff Redundancy Payouts have cost taxpayers more than £1,400m since 2010

16 73% of Nurses report increased stress levels in the last year

17 Cuts to Mental Health Jobs have coincided with deaths of Mental Health Patients

18 Private Firms profiting at taxpayers’ expense from NHS privatisation donated to the Tory Party in £millions

19 NHS111 has caused deaths and serious injury to patients & the government failed to heed warnings

20 206,140 patients waited more than 4hrs at A&Es last quarter


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