I suspect you haven’t heard about ‘super-cocooning’. It probably conjures up images of warm beds and cold nights, or over-protective parents.north-west-leeds-region_2

But it’s something which will matter to you in the – we hope unlikely – event that you are the victim of a burglary.
It’s the term for the process the police have put in place to deal with domestic burglary and its victims.

So what is the process, and what will it look and feel like on a street where it takes place.

Three things are central to it
– ensuring full house to house enquiries are conducted within a reasonable proximity to a burgled house so that people are aware of the issue and any evidence available is gathered;
– reassuring the victim that all this has happened and of the fact the police are there to prevent any repeat or other offences locally;
– and finally offering crime prevention advice to local residents.

The initiative is all about ‘maximising face-to-face contact’ with the public

INFORMING people that an offence of burglary has taken place at a neighbours premise.

REASSURING them that even though there has been an offence the police are doing everything possible to prevent further offences and detect the crimes committed.

ADVISING people and offering a home security assessment.

The initiative was a response to continuing high levels of domestic burglary in Leeds, and in parts of Leeds North West – Headingley stands out – in particular. A pilot project was launched in Leeds North West in March. It was aimed at predicting risk including the risk of ‘opportunistic burglary’. It involved tightly focused responses and ‘super cocooning’. You can read more about the pilot project and its successes here.

And there are real grounds for reassurance – burglary at North West Leeds Division is down by 57% on this time last year.
No grounds for complacency – but a sign of the great efforts being made to protect local residents.

Alex Sobel, Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North West welcomed the initiative

‘As somebody who has been the victim of a house burglary in the last couple of years I feel that the heightened attention given by the police and the additional security measures that are being undertaken can really help prevent the spread of burglaries in an area.’

One thought on “‘Super-cocooning’ – Alex Sobel welcomes policing initiatives against domestic burglary in Leeds North West

  1. Good to hear this is policy. There was a burglary in our road earlier this year and the police carried out all the actions above. It was the first we knew of the event and it was very reassuring to have an officer come to explain what had happened, ask if we had seen anything and let us know of and offer advice on any security issues we might have. Her comments were positive in that she was pleased with our gravel drive – v noisy to walk on – and confirmed we had suitable window and door locks.

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