Watch Alex tell his story – explaining why he’s standing in Leeds NW

Labour party members in Leeds North West turned out in large numbers in 2013 to select Alex Sobel as their candidate for the 2015 election.

Giving up a Saturday in the sun, they attended Hustings meetings in Headingley and Otley – two venues needed to cope with a fantastic attendance.

Alex was an overwhelming winner.

Alex is married to Susan with 2 boys Jakob and Zachary. He was born in Leeds and went to Leeds University. He lives in the Constituency, in Weetwood Ward. He is a Leeds City Councillor and also runs Social Enterprise Yorkshire and the Humber – creating better communities and sustainable jobs across the region.

Alex said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been selected to be our candidate for Leeds North West.

“My priorities are simple: good jobs and high quality education for the people of Leeds North West. We need to be working to bring green manufacturing and high tech jobs to Leeds and we need to campaign for high quality universal state education including
cutting crippling tuition fees pushing our students and graduates into debt.”

Together we can draw on that strength in our schools and universities to create the kind of high skill, high pay economy that is the future for Leeds.

“I’m confident we can win here, but to do so we need to get out to meet and listen to as many voters as possible. That hard work starts right away.” ‘

The Party in Leeds North West is certainly ready for that. We’re already in campaigning mode. Alex’s selection will move us up a gear.
The high turnout at both meetings showed our vigorous health. We’ll be mobilising that same enthusiasm to work for victory in 2015.

Since his selection Alex has campaigned on a number of issues including
Bedroom Tax

Keeping the East Coast Line in public ownership

He has organised and taken part in community clean ups – several in Weetwood and in Yeadon

He’s worked with the W Yorkshire PCC on policing and community safety in Yeadon.

He’s campaigned on the NHS, including for Clive Efford’s private member’s bill.

He’s championed the Living Wage

He’s campaigned against the proposed changes to Disabled Students’ Allowances

He’s backed 20 mph speed limits in Leeds NW

He’s been involved in local consultations on zero hours’ contracts

He fought against the privatisation of Royal Mail

And much more.

He’s making it clear where he’d stand as an MP on a number of issues
He’ll campaign hard for the Living Wage and workplace rights

And he’ll argue for Trident decommissioning and multilateralism

He’s set out his minimum position on TTIP.

You can find more details of Alex and his campaign on his personal website and on his Facebook page
You can also follow some of the issues he’s campaigning on by going to our News page and clicking on the Category – Alex Sobel, Leeds NW Parliamentary Candidate

He’s already spoken to thousands of you on the doorstep in Leeds NW – and plans to go on talking and listening to you and your views through to May 2015 – and, if he’s elected, beyond!

Alex Sobel, the next MP for Leeds North West.

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