The questions surrounding Lynton Crosby, lobbying and the Coalition’s policies continue to grow – though they are questions David Cameron does not want you to ask.

In an exclusive report based on leaked [ note ‘leaked’] documents the Guardian revealed that

‘The lobbying firm founded by the Tories’ chief election strategist, Lynton Crosby, advised private healthcare providers on how to exploit perceived “failings” in the NHS.’944481_10151493954607411_537161168_n

Linger a moment over that ‘perceived failings’. That doesn’t mean real failings – it means trying to exploit what people have been led to believe are failings. Led to believe by a media whose record on NHS  reporting is abysmal. A media whose recent reporting has involved downright distortion of statistics and reports, like that of Keogh; a media whose reportting emphasizes all the problems, without making clear the impact of Coalition cuts and re-organisation.

The Guardian goes on

“A Crosby Textor source said the work was carried out before Crosby started to work again for the Conservative leadership. The source said it would be inappropriate to comment because the research was commissioned by a client.’

Think hard about that one, too. Lobbying, plus the rampant privatization to which it is related, has produced a new secrecy – the secrecy of firms who will not comment on matters which concern all of us, because they have become matters of private commercial interest.

Andy Burnham surely speaks for all of us when he said to Channel 4 news

“The more we learn of Lynton Crosby’s business dealings, the greater the number of question marks left hanging over the conduct and integrity of David Cameron’s government.

“It simply cannot be right to have people paid to lobby for private health organisations wandering round Downing Street when policies are being discussed that could benefit their clients. It is more evidence of a shocking conflict of interest that David Cameron has created at the heart of his government.

“Shortly after Lynton Crosby started work for the Conservative party, the government shifted its position in favour of private health companies by trying to sneak NHS regulations through the House forcing services out to the market. At the time, experts expressed surprise at the sudden shift in position. Now we can guess why.

“Once again, it is more proof that you can’t trust David Cameron with the NHS.”

Amen to that – lobbying raises questions to which the Tories urgently need to respond.But what has been done to the NHS is an even bigger scandal – including, but going beyond lobbying.
David Cameron has been supported by the entire Tory/LibDem Coalition in what he has done to the NHS.
We shouldn’t forget that, either.

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