The North West Leeds Crime Prevention Panel has been granted funding to pay for leaflets in order to raise public awareness of crime in the area.bigpic

Headingley’s Labour Councillors Neil Walshaw and Janette Walker recently gave £200 to the North West Leeds Crime Prevention Panel to pay for information leaflets to inform the residents about crime prevention.

The leaflets aim to promote a greater understanding of how the public can enhance their home security and personal safety. The panel also has a presentation planned aimed at elderly and vulnerable people, which can be backed up by leaflets.bigpic-1

With ever increasing pressure on the public purse, the councillors have stepped in to assist the panel and help to make the area safer for residents.

This is one of many projects the panel has organised to help the community to become a safer environment for residents.

Councillor Neil Walshaw (Labour, Headingley) said:

“Crime is a major concern for residents in Headingley and North West Leeds. Whilst prosecuting offenders and policing the streets is important, it is also essential to educate the community to help them prevent crime in the area.

“We must do all we can to help residents to protect their homes and make sure they know how to report crime.

“The Crime Prevention Panel does an excellent job and has made a real difference to make the area safer. We are very happy to have been able to fund their work.”


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