Leeds Labour Council has a vision for the future of housing in the city.

Locally, a lot of recent comment and anxiety has been channeled into response to the Planning exercise, forced on the Council by the Tory-LibDem Coalition.img_6061

So it’s good to be reminded of some other parts of the housing picture, and Labour’s plans here.

Councillor Gruen (Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Services) was keen to stress these when he welcomed Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Minister for Housing, to Leeds this week to discuss key issues relating to housing in the City.

Councillor Peter Gruen Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Support Services said:

“I welcome the opportunity to speak with Mr Dromey and explain how we can achieve our vision of housing in Leeds. Local leaders have a role in passing on our knowledge and expertise to influence national debate. We can also explain what central government could do to make us even more successful in achieving our goals in improving housing across the City.
“In particular, I have been able to discuss bringing housing management back in-house across the City, using rental funds to deliver new Council housing and reforming the right to buy in order to prevent the decrease in Council house numbers in Leeds. We have also met with private landlord leaders to discuss issues that matter to us all.

In-house management of Council housing, tackling the problem of the decline in availability of social housing, working with landlords who now form such a big element of the housing provision – all part of that bigger picture, part of Labour’s plans for housing in Leeds.

And part of the broader aspirations for Leeds and its future, which the Labour Council is determined to pursue, even in these straitened times.
As Councillor Gruen concluded.
“I would like to thank Mr Dromey for coming to discuss these issues. I welcome leaders from across the political spectrum to come to Leeds to discuss our plans to make it the best city in the UK.”

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