Campaigns by local Labour councillors have resulted in the proposals to introduce 20mph zones in Headingley and Woodhouse.

Councillors Janette Walker, Neil Walshaw (Labour, Headingley) and Councillors Javaid Akhtar, Gerry Harper and Christine Towler (Labour, Hyde Park & Woodhouse) have announced the proposed zones in their Wards.

The Headingley zone will be centred around Spring Bank Primary School and the ‘Cardigan Triangle’ and includes residential areas to the West of Headingley Stadium. Councillors Walker and Walshaw have been campaigning for a 20mph zone for central Headingley and hope it will help to improve safety for school children and elderly residents in the area.

The zone continues in Woodhouse and will be centred around Quarry Mount Primary School and the City of Leeds School. Councillors Akhtar, Harper and Towler have fought hard for a zone to be introduced in an area popular with young families.

The zones are up for consultation and will be implemented hopefully later this year.bigpic-1

Councillor Janette Walker (Labour, Headingley) said:

“We fully support the introduction of these new 20mph zones in our local areas. Both areas will really benefit from the reduced speed limit making them safer for pedestrians, cyclists and especially school children and the elderly. We also hope this will encourage more people to walk and cycle in the area.”

Councillor Javaid Akhtar (Labour, Hyde Park & Woodhouse) said:

“Residents in both areas have been requesting we address their concerns about traffic and road safety especially around the schools. Myself and my colleagues are pleased to announce the two 20 mph zones. We hope they will address residents’ concerns and make the area safer for everyone.”

20 mph speed limits make streets more pleasant for walking and cycling – but they also save lives. They increase the chances that you – or your child – will survive being hit by a car by 97%.


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