A very well-connected source, who has seen the draft report from the ‘Rapid Response’ team that inspected the children’s heart unit at Leeds General Infirmary in response to a supposed ‘constellation’ of concerns about the standard of its care, tells me that the team’s report may be published for public use next week, and that the hospital and its supporters are pushing for exactly that.

The final version of the report is currently being compiled. However, I can reveal in advance that the findings of the report include:

  • that the unit will be “fully exonerated” of all concerns and accusations
  • that the unit is “world class” in many respects
  • praise for the dedication and commitment of its staff

Since the unit still faces potential closure, it’s absolutely critical that this information is publicised in a rapid and widespread manner, in order to counteract the pernicious and slanted media and political coverage…

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